What is QEN ?

QEN is an exclusive reporting and consulting product, provides a lucid single report about your digital assets which benchmarks, reports, with diagnostics tool that is capable of gauging your company/brand’s presence in the digital world in its entirety by benchmarking your digital activity in more than 10 main and 1000 sub-segments, scores every trace both individually and in correlation to each other.

With the suggestions offered by Qen experts, you can double your quality of service in the digital world. At the same time, you increase your sales volume and help you make a difference among your opponents. QEN also provides information about your competitor's work so that keeps you always one step ahead.

QEN named as in Quotient Engine, which we think suits well what we do, Qen will be IQ of your digital presence with our award winning algorithm. Therefore you can compare yours to others as well as your competitors.

How Qen works?

Qen, analyze your brand/company's website, seo, ads, social media, content performances deeply, Scores them with the award-winning Qen algorithm, Diagnoses and gives you free roadmap with our qen expert's comments & consultancy. We Qen go back 10 years of web contents about your brand/company so we qen give you the ultimate future roadmap.

Why you need QEN?

Finally, there is a report which you can start asking right questions to the people who is failing you at your digital success. Qen experts analyze more than 10 segments of your brand/company and report you back in a fully understandable single report. We guarantee that you’ll have the control back of your digital presence with Qen’s roadmap and free consultancy.

Hiring 10 experts and getting the top quality digital consultancy will cost you zillions. Even if you built your own digital team, you can always use Qen reports as the ultimate checklist for your very own staff/agency.

Why you should trust QEN?

We love data, our job is basically data processing. Therefore we are working with search engines as like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc. (around 100 search engines). We gather all data about you at 10s of segments and 1000s of sub-segments we use our award winning algorithm to score, our experts diagnose your current status and they consult you on your digital success.

With along Qen Reports, you’ll also have special reports for errors and updates. Which will reveal their links so you can check and correct them anytime.

This is not an automated report, our consultant's remarks and comments are our proof as our satisfied clients.

What is the price of Qen?

Starter packs are $ 399 p/m. Which we highly recommend for annual purchase to get the very best performance. SME’s special consultancy packs start from $12.000 per annum.

What are the Qen Packs?

We bundle some Qen pack to go to ease SME's and digital marketing agencies. Gathered most popular products of Qen to be honest. What we do is great but its always hard to tell, so bundles are the best option for starters. If you qualify for special packs we will be contacting you before you do however if you still would like to see what else we can offer or would like to create your own bundle just say hello@qenlab.com.

What Qen needs to know?

We created a crawler and named it Qraw, it loves data, therefore, we only ask you to give us your domain and social media links, Qraw does the rest. It quickly gathers all data about you and reports back to our Qen experts to make the magic happen.

When my Qen reports will be send?

We usually send Qen reports in 24 hours. However, it could take up to 72 hours depends on how busy we are.

How Qen Score works?

As we mentioned before our award winning algorithm works for every single segment at your reports. Gives you a Qen Score to compare and see where you are now and where you are heading to.

How to get Qen?

We don’t sell Qen online and probably we will not in the future. As this is high consultancy product you need to be guided for the very best so please check the nearest dealer to you, always happy to see your emails at sales@qenlab.com


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